Interviews and Lectures


Radio New Zealand (From The Panel, 4:22 pm on 3 June 2020) Countdown to level 1: Is NZ reaching ‘pandemic fatigue’?
Radio New Zealand (From Summer Times with Emile Donovan , 9:17 am on 3 January 2018) New Zealand’s flu pandemic of 1918
Radio New Zealand (From New Year’s Eve, 9:12 pm on 31 December 2013) Professor Geoffrey Rice
Radio New Zealand (From Nine To Noon, 10:11 am on 14 November 2012) Geoffrey Rice: Scandal and Skulduggery

Online Lectures

Professor Geoffrey Rice presenting 1918 Influenza talk to Ministry of Health staff, 7 May 2018.
Black Flu: Why should we remember the 1918 influenza epidemic in NZ?